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Maria Louise Eve: Disarm!


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Maria Louise Eve

Disarm! Disarm! Heed ye the cry,
Ungird the sword and let it lie;
The clock of time has struck the hour
When right is might and peace is power;
These clumsy arbiters of human fate
No more ‘twixt men and men should arbitrate.

Wipe off the stains and sheath the blade,
You cannot heal the wounds it made;
But let it rest and rust for aye,
Its bitter work is done to-day.
And henceforth to your hands there shall be given
Ithuriel spears, resistless, wrought in heaven.

Ye Kings and rulers, everywhere,
Beware how ye resist, beware!
Ye Princes and ye Potentates
Who rule in Empires and in States,
Beware! beware! lest you should lift an arm
Against a voice from heaven that cries, “Disarm!”

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