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Marianne Farningham: Give Peace


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Marianne Farningham (Mary Anne Hearn)
Give Peace

In the hearts of men to-day
Fear and dread are springing:
In the darkening path of gloom
The war-flag is unfurled.
O to see the dove of peace
Coming to the world!
O to have the hours of fear
Stirred by angels singing!

Among the bare and shivering trees
The winds are sadly sighing,
While with relentless cruelty
The chilling winter comes
Where wives and little children
Suffer in cheerless homes,
And even in the bravest hearts
Hope is slowly dying.

God let peace come in place of war,
And each man know his brother!
If sunshine leaves the world outside,
It may yet find a rest,
And gladly through dark days abide
In the love-lighted breast.
It is not winter in the heart
When we love one another!

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