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Augusta Theodosia Drane: It needs must be that gentle Peace prevail!


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war


Augusta Theodosia Drane
From Imitations of Ancient English Poetry
The First Book of the Court of Sapience

“His kingdom is not one of strife and war,
His rule is all tranquillity and rest,
Because of which, his chosen titles are
The Prince of Peace, Father of Pity Blest,
Of mercy Lord and King he stands confest;
Wherefore no more shall angry words avail,
It needs must be that gentle Peace prevail!

“The chiefest praise of this fair realm and nation
Is that it smiles, a paradise of peace…”


“O sovereign Dominations, mighty lords,
Virtues and Powers and Principalities,
Bright ranks who stand around with gleaming awords
And all the throngs of angel hierarchies!
Your spouse, sweet Peace, is exiled; let your eyes
Weep crystal tears, for she is gone, and all
Your bright array of orders nine must fall…”


“O cruel Mars, thy blood ray I see,
Now may it freely shine, and all the ire
Of mighty Jove rain down in darts of fire.”


“Go then and fight, our forth your wind and rain,
Henceforth unbridled let your courses be,
For gentle Peace is gone who did refrain
And hold you all in sweet tranquillity.
Farewell, he fields of heaven! mine own country,
Father, farewell! They realms shall ne’er increase!”
And with that word evanished gentle Peace!


“For Peace is fled, and Mercy fainting lies
Forlorn and sad, who as a queen did reign:
All dreary be these fair empyreal skies
Till Peace return and Mercy rule again:
O Sapience, give thy counsel, for I fain
Mercy and Truth once more would reconcile,
And o’er the kingdom see Peace gently smile.”

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