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Upton Sinclair: After war, the color revolution cleanup


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war

Upton Sinclair: Selections on war


Upton Sinclair
From Boston (1928)

Upton Sinclair

“…From this time on , I take the dear ‘mob’ to my heart; I am only afraid of dashing young gentlemen in gaudy uniforms, and elderly diplomats and business men in dinner-jackets. There isn’t a country in Central Europe where the Whites haven’t killed ten for every one the Reds have killed, and in many cases it has been a hundred for one.

“And the worst is, Grannie, these White dictatorships are all American-made – with guns and uniforms from our army and dollars from our bankers. They have got an American loan here in Hungary, and I am wondering if father is in on it…”


…Rupert Allen had to interview agents of the banking and manufacturing interests of Italy, and listen to plans for the coup d’eat which was to turn that country into a dictatorship of big capital. No possible way to avoid it – unless the money that had been loaned to Italy during and since the war was to be lost. The bankers of Boston and New York and Philadelphia and Chicago had to get together and do for Italy what they had already done for Hungary and Roumania and Czechoslovakia and Finland ans Esthonia and Latvia and Lithuania – so many miserable bonded states that it gave a hundred percent American a headache to learn their names.

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