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Jean-Paul Sartre: When the rich fight the rich, it is the poor who die


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Jean-Paul Sartre
From The Devil and the Good Lord (1951)
Translated by Kitty Black


ARCHBISHOP: No, no! No details! Especially, no details. A victory described in detail is indistinguishable from a defeat…


THE WOMAN: Nasti! Nasti, the baker!

NASTI: What do you want?

THE WOMAN: Baker, my child is dead. You must be able to say why, you who know everything.

NASTI: Yes – I know.

HEINRICH: Nasti, I implore you, say nothing. Woe to those through whom evil comes to pass.

NASTI: He died because the rich burghers of our city revolted against the Archbishop, their very rich overlord. When the rich fight the rich, it is the poor who die.

THE WOMAN: Was it God’s will that they should wage this war?

NASTI: God has forbidden them to wage it.

THE WOMAN: This man says nothing happens except by the will of God.

NASTI: Nothing, except evil, which is born of the wickedness of man.

HEINRICH: Baker, you lie. You are confusing the false and the true in order to betray the souls of men.

NASTI: Dare you assert that God permits this mourning and this useless suffering? I say that God is innocent of our sins.

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    October 21, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Last night on ”60 minutes” we saw the rich and equally corrupt DC Congress not fighting one another but working the system together. The PACs were formed after the 1987 law that regulated how political contributions are to be used. The PACs are now used to as they say make the illegal-legal in Congress. My God ,Democratic Congresswoman Grace Napolitano from Calif. saying she could not get a 150,000 dollar loan because she was a minority and charging her PAC 18 % interest as the ”60 minute”commentator said what the Mafia get for a loan with a gun in their pocket. And when some Congresspeople try to change these PACs there are no takers on either side of the political spectrum. Yes , when the rich work together in DC the poor die financially as that is my tax money in DC. From this moment on after the mess in DC a week ago where both parties did their war on the poor and middle class in the shutdown and the Congressional Staffers get paid but we Commoner did not ; and it is not over yet ; this” Nation under GOD” should never-ever tell other Nations also under GOD like Russia what to do and what is wrong with their Nation. We have all fallen since the Garden of Eden. Captain Kamamsnky, Cold war I soldier– thanks for this chance at comment my Russian Federation hero Mr. Rozoff

  1. October 21, 2016 at 9:41 am

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