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Interview: U.S. Drone Attacks Are Targeted Assassinations

Press TV
May 1, 2012

US drone attacks are ‘targeted assassinations’


Rick Rozoff, manager of Stop NATO has criticized the U.S. drone campaign in other countries as “targeted assassinations” that aim “to kill particular individuals.”

Rozoff told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Tuesday that the deadly airstrikes in Pakistan and Yemen are “a violation of every Geneva Convention.”

Top White House adviser John O. Brennan, in his latest remark on the issue, has said that not only does the U.S. Constitution allow the president to assassinate people anywhere on the planet, but that the drone program is “legal, ethical and wise.”

“The fact that a leading U.S. official like John Brennan would attempt to justify or even celebrate these mass killings is a moral and political indictment against the government of the United States,” Rozoff said.

The U.S. drone strikes have killed as many as 2,800 civilians in north-western Pakistan over the past seven years, according to Shahzad Akbar, Pakistani attorney and director of the Foundation for Fundamental Rights — an organization that has investigated the U.S. drone operations in Pakistan.

Pakistani sources say U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan kill some 50 civilians for every militant killed – a hit rate of 2 percent.

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