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Padraic Fiacc: Der Bomben Poet


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Padraic Fiacc: Credo Credo


Padraic Fiacc
Der Bomben Poet
Spring Song 1941

Today is my birth
-day. I am seventeen.

My home town
Has just bin
Blown up:

Dead feet in dead faces,
Corpses still alight,
Students helping kids
And old people out of

Still burning houses.

I have nothing to write
Poems about.

This is my twentieth-century


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  1. Michael McKernon
    March 28, 2023 at 4:16 am

    Good to see Pádraic Fiacc’s poem ‘Der Bomben Poet’ published on the site. He challenged the powerful as well as individuals about our meek acceptance of war. (correct name Der Bomben Poet).

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