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Latin American writers on war and peace

Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Latin American writers on war and peace

Arturo Arias: There were bodies everywhere. They didn’t move. They were called corpses.

Ernesto Cardenal: They speak of peace and secretly prepare for war

Alejo Carpentier: War’s long reach

José Santos Chocano: When a future explorer uncovers that rarest of things, a sword

Rubén Darío: You think the future is wherever your bullet strikes

Gabriel García Márquez: Five wars and seventeen military coups

Nicolás Guillén: Come, dove, come tell me the tale of your woe

Machado de Assis: Let the reader decide between the soldier and the priest

José Martí: Oscar Wilde on war and aesthetics

Gabriela Mistral: Dance of Peace

Pablo Neruda: Bandits with planes, jackals that the jackals would despise

Julio Ortega: The fall of the great warrior empires

Mariano Picón-Salas: From dream of warlike soldiers to nightmare of flames and ashes

Victor Domingo Silva: Cain, the fratricide

César Vallejo: So much love and yet so powerless against death

Mario Vargas Llosa: More than enough atomic and conventional weapons to wipe out several planets

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