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Édouard Glissant: The planet is riddled with wars

Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Édouard Glissant
From The Ripening (La Lézarde)

Words are on the surface purely superficial; they bear witness to the eternal rhythm of song and dance. It is necessary to speak and hear them but there are times when it is not important to listen. Their presence, their echo, are sufficient to stir us. Words can also reach a conclusion, and the conclusion is not coldly logical; it is warm peace-giving.


“Just look around you! Everywhere men are killing one another, the world is drowned in blood and tears, and life hangs by a single hair….Brother Zéphire, you who have left us never to return, forgive this man who has made a travesty of your wake by telling a preposterous story. Brother Zéphire, forgive us, the living, do not torment us even if we have offended you. You died a good, natural death, you had no enemy to strike you down. But looking now upon this miserable planet, what do you say to a man who seeks out his enemy in this childish way? Has anyone ever seen anything like it? The planet is riddled with wars, and he hands out this poppycock….”

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