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Horace Walpole: Deplorable success of destroying any of our species


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Horace Walpole: Selections on war and peace


Horace Walpole
From his correspondence

I can now assure you, that he has had a considerable advantage, and took at least four Spanish men-of-war, and an admiral, who they say is since dead of his wounds. We must be glad of these deplorable successes – but I heartily wish we had no longer occasion to hope for the destruction of any of our species but, alas! it looks as if devastation would still open new fields of blood! The prospect darkens even at home….How seldom does it happen in political contests, that any side can count any thing but its wounds!…Adieu, dear Sir! Shall we live to lay down our heads in peace?

I do not enjoy the distress of my country. I think we are undone; I have always thought so – whether we enslaved America, or lost it totally – so we that were against the war could expect no good issue.

The ministers do not know the strength they have left (supposing they apply it in time), if they are afraid of making any peace. They were too sanguine in making war; I hope they will not be too timid of making peace.

The invasion of Portugal by Spain in the last war, and the partition of Poland, have abrogated the law Of nations. Kings have left no ties between one another. Their duty to their people is still allowed. He is a good King that preserves his people: and if temporizing answers that end, is it not justifiable?

Oh, mankind! mankind! Are there not calamities enough in store for us, but must destruction be our amusement and pursuit?

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