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Francis Bebey: They all come into the world speaking the same language of peace and friendship

Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Francis Bebey
From Agatha Moudio’s Son
Translated by Joyce A. Hutchinson

Children, whether they come from the sin of hell, or from the best molds of heaven, are all alike.They all descend from the same tree of life, the ones whose branches demonstrate the insignificance of race, and their leaves the thousand characters of man. Later, they will become men and women, who love or hate each other, often without reason, bringing the same zeal to distinguish skin defects and to making classes of pariahs, as they would to trying to bring down the moon, when they have not yet finished reaping the fruits of the earth; they come into the world, all of them, graceful and beautiful, speaking the same dumb language of peace and friendship. Later, alas, they will speak the so much more noisy and stupid language of unreasonable reason, which leads to war and racialism. But long live the shining present of the angels, black or white or red or yellow, who, all in the same way, smilingly approach the shifting sands of life, and sing with the same innocent thirst the mother’s milk of the first mornings of existence. Let them become later what they will become; so much the worse if they don’t become real men, they will at least have been children.

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