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H. Lavinia Baily: A New Earth


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H. Lavinia Baily
A New Earth

I have dreamed a sweet dream; I have seen a fair vision;
I have looked the wide universe o’er;
And earth’s nations arise in a glory elysian –
They do not learn war any more.

There are music and mirth; there are childhood’s sweet voices,
Winsome age lends its placid charm there;
There are laughter and glee as when home-life rejoices
Unshadowed by sorrow or care.

In all noble achievement, all worthy endeavor,
Men in kindly ambition contend;
But the valiant of heart may yet know he hath ever
In his sturdiest foeman a friend.

Nevermore the proud boast or the haughty defiance; –
Without end shall His kingdom increase;
‘Tis the day of all nations in Holy Alliance,
‘Tis the reign of truth, justice, and peace.

Nevermore shall a nation lift sword against nation,
The dominion of Hatred is o’er;
‘Tis the triumph of Love, ’tis the dawn of Christ’s kingdom,
They shall not learn war any more.

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