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Angela Morgan: God prays for peace


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Angela Morgan: Selections on war and peace


Angela Morgan
From God Prays

Last night I tossed and could not sleep.
When sodden heavens weep and weep.
As they have wept for many a day.
One lies awake to fear and pray.
One thinks of bodies blown like hail
Across the sky where angels quail;
One’s sickened pulses leap and hark
To hear the Horror in the dark.
“What is thy will for the people, God?
Thy will for the people, tell it me!
For War is swallowing up the sod
And still no help from Thee.
Thou, who art mighty, hast forgot;
And art Thou Good, or art Thou not?
When wilt Thou come to save the earth
Where death has conquered birth?”

And the Lord God whispered and said to me,
“These things shall be, these things shall be.
Nor help shall come from the scarlet skies
Till the people rise!
Till the people rise, my arm is weak;
I cannot speak till the people speak;
When men are dumb, my voice is dumb –
I cannot come till my people come.”
And the Lord God’s presence was white, so white.
Like a pillar of stars against the night
“Millions on millions pray to me
Yet hearken not to hear me pray;
Nor comes there any to set me free
Of all who plead from night to day.
So God is mute and Heaven is still
While the nations kill.”


“But Thou art mighty, and needst no aid.
Can God, the Infinite, be afraid?”
“They, too, are God, yet know it not.
‘Tis they, not I, who have forgot.
And War is drinking the living sod,”
Said God.

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