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Angela Morgan: Whether to yield in meekness to War’s devouring curse


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Angela Morgan: Selections on war and peace


Angela Morgan

Out of the graves, a Summons;
Out of the ruins, a Voice: –
”O children of men
‘Tis the hour again
Of earth’s primeval choice
Whether to drift supinely
Where chaos rides unfurled.
Or gird the will divinely
To re-create the world.”
Out of the wreck, a wailing
And weeping in many lands;
Oh, bitter and unavailing
The plea of shrunken hands.
And cruel the sound of crying
Where children starve for bread….
Too soon the moan of the dying
Is the silence of the dead!

Out of the graves, a Summons;
Out of the sea, a Voice;
For the great world call
Hath garnered us all
In one immortal choice;
Whether to yield in meekness
To War’s devouring curse,
Swept downward in our weakness
With the crumbling universe,
Or, flaming with the vision
That gilds the future’s sky,
Render the great decision
That freedom shall not die!

Out of the lands, a moaning
And gnashing of souls in pain;
“O children of earth,
Ye may bring to birth
What the millions died to gain.
Never shall truth surrender
To the world’s chaotic sin;
But spur your souls to splendour
That law and right shall win.”
O people of earth, be lavish!
Let your love in rivers stream –
Yours is the power
To rear the tower
Of God’s triumphant dream.
O children of men, be noble!
Let your gold in plenty pour.
For the graves of the earth are many
And the wounds of the earth are sore.
No price may pay
For yesterday
But now rings trumpet dear.
To build the domes
Of the Future’s homes
Above the roads of fear.

Out of the tombs, a Summons,
And the sound of a high command:
“From the brutal waste
Of destruction’s haste
Ye shall build the promised Landl”

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