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Nathan Haskell Dole: Peace’s exultation


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war

Nathan Haskell Dole: Selections on peace


Nathan Haskell Dole
From Peace and Progress: Two Symphonic Poems


Ring out, exultant Bells!
Shout thro’ the echoing streets!
The joyous jargon swells;
Each tongue the note repeats: –

“The War is ended!
Peace plumes her wings!
The Victory splendid
Makes beggars Kings!

“War never more
In wrath shall soar
Above the lands!
And Foes of yore
Strike friendly hands!”


From The Patriotic Hymn

In War’s hard Wilderness,
With bitter storm and stress,
We’ve tarried long.
Now Peace thy sons shall bless!
As on and up they press,
Freedom and Righteousness
Shall make them strong!


From The Horror of War

Oh, the horror of War, and the waste!
Fair Countries deflowered and defaced!
Brave lives cut off in their prime.
Noble steeds ript open and maimed,
Foul passions of Fiends – every crime!
From the dimmest beginning of Time
The War-Gods’ altars have flamed
The War-Gods have triumpht unshamed.
The Valkyrior have not ceased
To bear to Valhalla’s red feast
The Souls of heroes death-tamed!
Never once on this globe for a day
Has Peace universal held sway!


From It Is No Dream

Is it a dream – a poet’s fanciful dream?
Must the old World go on forever
Catching only the Glory’s vanishing gleam,
Mocking its blind and pathetic endeavour
As with the Cynic’s laugh of derision?
Is there no truth in the Vision ?

Art gives the answer! Dignified, glorious Art,
Seeking forever for Truth in expression,
Picturing Beauty and Grace to every Heart,
Holding the Universe in his possession:
*’Yea, it shall dawn, the new Era superb,
Which no War shall disturb.”


Brotherhood, Kindness, Devotion,
Sympathy, Patience, and Love!
Peace on the Land, on the Ocean –
Peace with the wings of the Dove!
Organ – instruments – voices
Blend in ecstatic accord!
Chant of the Peace that rejoices,
Chant of the Love of the Lord.

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