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Dana Burnet: The Glory of War


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war

Dana Burnett: Selections on war


Dana Burnet
The Glory of War

Hoof-beat and trumpet blast,
And banners in the dawn!
And what of the grain in the fallow field
When the husbandman has gone?

Sword song and battle roar,
And the great grim fighting-line!
And what of the woman in the door
And the blown grape on the vine?

Drum-beat and draped flag
And he beneath his shield
And what of the woman weeping low,
And the dead grain in the field?


The Survivor

Have ye heard the thunder down the wind?
Have ye seen the smoke against the sky?
Nay, for my love goes from my arms
To march and die!

Have ye seen the scarlet battle flags,
The distant lightnings of the sword?
Nay, for my house hath lost its king,
My heart its lord.

Have ye heard the splendid lifting song
The wind-blown paean of the strife?
Nay, for they sing of Death – and I
Am chained to life!

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