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Martha Shepard Lippincott: Shame will fall upon us for barbarous deeds of war


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Martha Shepard Lippincott
Wronging Filipinos

When will it end, this bloodshed,
That fills our hearts with woe?
When we shall see it ending
We cannot seem to know.
And oft, when peace seems dawning,
Hostilities break out;
We from their native country,
Find rebels hard to rout.

And why should we be trying?
The country is not ours,
We only try to take it
By military powers.
Why should we try to kill them?
Poor Filipino men,
Their patriotism surely
Should prove their rights again.

They love the land God gave them,
And for it bravely fight;
And in the name of justice,
Have we to it a right?
Would we like them to come here
And take our homes from us ?
I well know, if they tried it,
We’d make a dreadful fuss.

Is it the golden rule, then,
That we are teaching them?
And is our way of ruling
Like such a priceless gem
That we should force on others
The yoke they would resist?
I fear we’ll find out later
Christ’s lesson has been missed.

And shame will fall upon us,
For barbarous deeds of war,
And we mistaken honor
Will soon have to deplore.

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