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Joseph Fawcett: War and music. Perversion most perverse! Misapplication monstrous!


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Joseph Fawcett: Selections against war


Joseph Fawcett
From The Art of War

But where will profanation stay – E’en thee,
O heavenly Harmony! their press hath seig’d
With impious gripe! Reluctant, struggling maid,
Sprung from the silent sphere! with wild affright,
Thou find’st thee fallen on a frantic orb.
Outrageous wrest! perversion most perverse!
Misapplication monstrous! Horror, say,
When bristles most thine hair; when, wild with woe ,
In anguish Madness laughs, or, on his way,
And at his work accurst, when Murder sings?
Hark! the sweet art, to sooth the savage fram’d,
On savage errand sent! to indurate
Humanity, misled to iron scenes,
Who to unmartial softness, else might melt;
Tune her to stone, and give her strength to stab!
To send its blood back to Fear’s bleaching cheek,
Unwarm’d by virtue’s into valour’s heat,
And to a wild and drunken daring drive her:
By sound’s mechanic spur! to reconcile
The death devoted victim to the knife!
Cheering ambition’s sacrifice to bleed,
Unchearful else; with luring notes entic’d
Recoiling to comply! How have they join’d
Most heterogeneous and unmixing things!
Making according sounds accompany
Wild Discord’s wildest scene! where mad mankind,
That in the city ‘gainst each other strike
In endless strife, with roughest jostle jar!

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