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Julius Myron Alexander: It is but war, ask not the cause


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Julius Myron Alexander: The Flag of Peace


Julius Myron Alexander
The Folly

Stand up and go, ’tis time to die!
You are but slave, so ask not why,
You are but flesh – a king calls thee,
It matters not, for land or sea.
The mountain bird hath cleaving wings,
But thou art made as sordid things.

Child – not thy mother’s boy,
But chess to play – a kingly toy;
Go forth and leave on field thy clay,
A Tsar demands thy life this day,
The smoke and shot and cannon roar
A life he cannot ask for more.

Stalwart, strong, of rounded limb,
Thy flashing eyes for death to dim;
It is but war, ask not the cause,
Nor question he who made the laws ;
Then pray thy God, ere thou art slain,
And pour thy blood on sodden plain.

Thou shalt not know – perchance retreat,
For thee ’twill only be defeat.
God gave to thee a living soul,
Its home man claims, go pay the toll!
Go out and die on lands or seas,
While Kings shall feast and Follies please.

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