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Vadim Kozhevnikov: “We seized power from women and there’s been war ever since”


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Russian writers on war


Vadim Kozhevnikov
From It Rained All Week
Translated by Olive Stevens

“Women are the best people in the world. The very best,” Bukhov would say reverently. “If there is anything bad in them, then they’ve got it from us men. We think a lot of ourselves, and they suffer from this. After all, there were times when there was a matriarchy and they were the bosses. I should imagine these were the days, the best. Would women ever have allowed war if they were in power? Never! They wouldn’t want their husbands and sons killed. They’re not fools! They’d have squabbled amongst themselves, that’s all. I’m convinced that we seized power from women in those days out of sheer arrogance, and there’s been war ever since.”


Bukhov was firmly convinced that his son should become an Air Force pilot.

“But everyone’s against war now,” said his wife.

“So what?” reasoned Bukhov. “I’m against it myself. And he’ll be against it too; and if he becomes a pilot, he’ll have even more cause to be against it.”


You’ve got the wrong idea of modern youth. We all realize how proud mankind should be of the achievements of science in our time….”

“You leave mankind alone,” interrupted Bukhov crossly. “I know about your mankind. Hardly out of the Second World War, and already making a grab for the atom bomb like an idiot, so that it can burn him to a frizzle….”

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