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Maya Ganina: Peace and homeland


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Maya Ganina
From The Road to Nirvana
Translated by Olga Shartse

In time there will be no weapons, no armies, no wars and no boundaries. I suppose mankind will eventually arrive at this. But still, even when the maps of the world have been painted a uniform colour and the boundaries have been erased, the concept of Mother country will remain, and everyone will treasure that particular bit of the earth’s surface without which it is difficult to breathe, and without which you are an orphan in the world. I love travelling about the world, I love walking, riding and flying. I am interested in all the world, I can poke my finger at the globe with my eyes closed and gladly go to any spot and live there. Until…Until homesickness rises like a lump in my throat, until I begin to feel that I am dangling weightless in this foreign air, in the sounds of this foreign speech, alone among strangers however well-wishing. For all my wanderlust I am nothing without Russia, without her gentle sky, without her plains and her thin woods that gleam with a modest golden glow in autumn, as modest as the glowing face of a flaxen-haired little Russian girl. I am nothing without Russia, just like every one of us.

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