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Yuri Trifonov: Our world – the world of peace!


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Russian writers on war


Yuri Trifonov
From Students
Translated by Ivy Litvinova and Margaret Wettlin

“Surely there couldn’t be war again?” said Raya under her breath. “When you remember all that….”

“Oh, I don’t want another war!’’ Raya said and laughed at the childlike spontaneity of her own words. “We’ve only just begun to settle down again, and life is improving and getting more interesting every year…and there are so many good things to come….There are, aren’t there? And to think of war…again….’’

Raya shook her head and moved involuntarily nearer to Lagodenko, who clumsily placed his heavy arm round her neck and grunted, frowning:

“Don’t worry, Carrots. Everything’ll be all right.”

And everyone looked gravely and thoughtfully at Lagodenko and Raya, and for some reason fell silent. For a few moments everything was still in the room.

Then Galya Mamonova drew a profound sigh, hunching up her shoulders as if she were cold.

“Don’t let’s talk about war!” she exclaimed.

“D’you know what’s just come into my head?” said Max vivaciously. “It’s well known that we Russians are a peace-loving people. And it came into my head that there’s evidence of that in our very language. Look – in our language we have one word for both peace and the world. I don’t suppose that’s true of any other language. German, French and English all have two words, one for each separate meaning. That’s remarkable, isn’t it?”

“It is,” said Spartak, rising and pacing rapidly up and down the room, and pushing chairs out of his way. “But what exciting times we are living in! When you look at the history of mankind it seems as if never before was there such an interesting, stupendous time – doesn’t it? The old world is collapsing, giving at the seams, and the new world is being born before our very eyes! Our world – the world of peace!” Striding back to the table he cried:

“A toast! To all those fighting for peace in China, Greece, Spain, America – in the whole world!…”

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