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Lily Alice Lefevre: The Bridge of Peace


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Women writers on peace and war


Lily Alice Lefevre
The Bridge of Peace

Steadfast we stood, for we had feared to see
Above the murky depths of war and gloom,
Some flowery path miraged on mists of death
To lure the world, unwary, to its doom.
Long had we gazed into that dread abyss
Which hid our dearest, bravest, from our sight.
And prayed that He who is the Way should guide
Our steps through grief and darkness to the light.

Behold! He sends His angel, laurel-crowned,
The Builder, Peace. With labour grave and wise.
Justice and Truth she lays secure and deep.
Beneath her feet their strong foundations rise;
Her hand has set the arch of Freedom high.
The gulf of bitter hate and loss to span
We pass victorious to a world new-born.
The reign of Right, the Brotherhood of Man!

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