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Ernest Crosby: They know not love that love not peace


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Ernest Crosby: War and Hell


Ernest Crosby
On the Rejection of the Arbitration Treaty

Shame on a Senate which withstands
The efforts of two mighty lands
Frankly to grasp each other’s hands!

Are they our servants? Should they then
Bring all our dreams to naught again
Of peace on earth, good will toward men?

From every class, North, South, East, West,
Goes up one earnest, loud request,
“Give us our treaty and be blest!”

The workingman with outstretched hand
Asks but to work – makes one demand
That peace and plenty cheer the land.

But no, this deaf, degenerate crew
Want plenty solely for the few;
Let war then split our race in two.

Turn back the years; let growth stand still
And flourish every social ill,
If so these triflers get their fill.

Shall bluster, envy, spite, conceit
Elate at this their latest feat,
Boast that their victory is complete?

What monarch, drunk with martial lust,
Treading his subjects in the dust,
E’er proved more recreant to his trust?

Are these our patriots, these, the blind
Whose love of country is combined
With petty hate for all mankind?

Nay; from their rule we pray release,
Soon may such love of country cease.
They know not love that love not peace.

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