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Rembert G. Smith: O bid the wars of men to cease


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


Rembert G. Smith
A Day of Woe

The house of prayer is empty now,
The hymn of praise no more is heard;
Unbreathed, the sinner’s humble vow;
Unspoken, warnings from God’s Word!

The fields on which did gently fall
The early and the latter rain
And sunlight free from God to all,
Are white with wheat, but all in vain!

Deserted, too, the marts of trade,
Emptied the streets of busy throngs,
While peaceful commerce shrinks dismayed
As war clouds lower with woeful wrongs!

The air above is full of shame
As War defiles her virgin paths,
With navies hot with hate’s own flame,
Uncooled by thoughts of aftermaths!

Behold, O God, the day grows late,
But Thy footstool is red again,
And not outworn the primal hate
Which moved the murd’rous heart of Cain!

How long shall wicked men rebel
Against Thee, loving Lord of life,
And, clad in glitt’ring garb of hell,
Fare forth to fearful fields of strife?

Unholy hands to Thee we lift
In this dread time of woe and sin;
Grant Thou our inmost hearts to sift
And burn to dust the chaff within!

In wrath forget not mercy, Lord;
O bid the Wars of men to cease;
Melt by Thy love each bloody sword,
And lead us forth in paths of peace!

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