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Louise B. Waite: Let There Be Peace


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Louise B. Waite
Let There Be Peace

When chaos reigned, and all unformed was man,
The great creative Fatherhood of God
Proclaimed in mighty tones, “Let there be Light!”
And in that Light creation did appear.
Today a mental chaos doth prevail.
Man seeks as savage beast with brutal power
To kill and to destroy his brother man.
Hark! Hark! another voice must yet be heard
Above the chaos of earth’s battlefields,
Above the wild delirium of war.
E’en through the heart of woman now it speaks
And shall be heard the Mother voice Divine!
She who hath borne in hours of pain and death
Strong, manly sons, only to give them up,
To see them slain before her very eyes,
Amid the din of battle and its roar,
Its useless sacrifice of all she holds most dear
To avarice, the hellish greed of man, –
Her voice doth cry, and nations now must hear.
“Let war forever cease”! The voice that said
“Let there be Light”! hath rent again the veil
Of darkest night, and cries, “Let there be Peace”!
In mighty tones above earth’s bloodstained sod,
High, clear, now speaks that Mother voice of God.

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