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W. C. Benet: Hymn of Peace


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


W. C. Benet
Hymn of Peace

Our Heavenly Father, Lord of all,
Humbly before Thy throne we fall;
For world at war, O hear our prayer?
Spare us, good Lord, in mercy spare.

See countless graves of slaughtered dead,
Look on the tears by mourners shed;
Stretch forth, O Lord, Thy mighty hand,
Make war to cease in every land.

Mothers and maidens cry to Thee,
Pleading for peace on land and sea;
With broken heart and choking sigh
Widows and orphans join the cry.

O Holy Jesus, Prince of Peace,
Thou mad’st the angry tempest cease;
Now bend proud monarchs to Thy will,
Say to their armies, “Peace! Be still.”

Come, Holy Ghost, like Heavenly Dove,
Turn strife and hate to peace and love;
O’er the wide world Thine influence pour
Till hostile races rage no more.

Thou knowest, Lord, we are but dust;
Our helper Thou; in Thee we trust;
For bleeding nations hear our prayer?
Spare them, good Lord, in pity spare.

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