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Robert Bridges: And this is War!


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war


Robert Bridges

And this is War!
The vengeful spirit of an ancient race
Clad in brave armor, wounded in its pride;
The joy of battle in its mailèd face,
Driving its foemen like a rising tide
That swirls the sea-folk on the curving beach,
And leaves them stranded there to rot and bleach.

And this is War!
A peaceful highway on a sunny hill,
A file of busy ants that bravely toil
Until they meet their fellows – stop to kill,
And then march onward with the robber spoil;
When from the clouds a sudden, driving rain
Sweeps them, unheeding, to the flooded plain.

And this is War!
An eddy in the dust, a troubled pool,
A pebble in the river’s mighty flow –
Man’s feeble effort, like the painted fool,
To prove that he is master of the show;
While laws immutable uplift the clod
And mould him to the purposes of God!

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