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Clinton Scollard: Victories


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war

Clinton Scollard: Selections on war and peace


Clinton Scollard

The old Medusa War, of grim array,
Lo, we had deemed the grisly horror dead!
May there arise some Perseus Peace to slay
This new Medusa of the gorgon head!



Strife strides o ’er alien lands with deafening roar,
And , as we list, the fearsome sounds increase ;
May all our triumphs be, from shore to shore,
The victories of Peace!


The Winds of God

Across the azure spaces,
Athwart the vasts of sky,
With winnowings of mighty wings
The winds of God go by.

Above the meres and mountains,
With unseen sandals shod,
Above the plains, with choric strains,
Sweep by the winds of God.

“Peace !- in His name!” they murmur;
“Peace – in His name!” they cry
Oh, men, give ear! Do ye not hear
The winds of God go by?

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