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Margaret Sackville: Quo Vaditis?


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Margaret Sackville
Quo Vaditis?

“Where do ye go
Pale line of broken men?” –
We only know to die. Could we die twice, we’d die again.

“Wherefore?” – The call
Of a strange voice – was it of death or birth? –
Came to us all,
To all of us, the men of all the earth.

“And to what end?”
We ask not, but we see
The self-same light which kindles in our friend
Shine from the faces of our enemy.

“Same light, same doom!
And to what purpose?” – Deep
We lie in the same womb,
The slain, the slain together in one sleep.

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  1. July 28, 2020 at 6:02 am

    Everything is connected, birth, life, death, all happens simultaneously in a single moment when people in secret commit us to war. They garner all the force for good and use it for bad. We must ransack the Military Intelligence Office Complexes and destroy all their data.

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