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Clinton Scollard: The Night Sowers


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Clinton Scollard: Selections on war and peace


Clinton Scollard
The Night Sowers

Lo, these are they that toil by night
With mattock and with spade,
‘Neath the faint flickering lanthom light,
In meadow and in glade!
Row upon long and crowded row,
How gruesome is the seed they sow!

Back on the fair and furrowed lands
The earth and sod they toss,
And some, with reverential hands.
Place here and there a cross,
A simple rough-hewn cross as though
To sanctify the seed they sow.

Oh, may some flower of love arise
Above the bruised sod,
Some flower of love to greet the eyes,
The grieving eyes of God !
Some flower of love whereon shall fall
The dews of peace perennial!

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