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James Huneker: Remy de Gourmont and philosophic abhorrence of war


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war

Remy de Gourmont: Getting drunk at the dirty cask of militarism

Remy de Gourmont: If they wage war, in what state must the world be?


James Huneker
From Remy de Gourmont
His Ideas. The Color of His Mind

As a philosopher he deprecated war; as a man, though too old to fight, he urged his countrymen to victory, as may be noted in his last book, Pendant l’Orage (1916). But the philosopher persists in such a sorrowful sentence as: “In the tragedy of man peace is but an entr’acte.” To show his mental balance at a time when literary men, artists, and even philosophers, indulged in unseemly abuse, we read in Jugements his calm admission that the war has not destroyed for him the intellectual values of Goethe, Schopenhauer, or Nietzsche. He owes much to their thought as they owed much to French thought; Goethe has said as much; and of Voltaire and Chamfort, Schopenhauer was a disciple. Without being a practical musician, De Gourmont was a lover of Beethoven and Wagner. He paid his compliments to Romain Rolland

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