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Felicia Hemans: War has still ravaged o’er the blasted plain


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war

Felicia Hemans: Selections on peace and war


Felicia Hemans
From War and Peace

Lost are those accents of melodious charms,
‘Midst the loud clangour of surrounding arms;
Thy heart of adamant repels the strain.
Mercy! thy prayer, thy tear, thy hope, is vain.


Here oft has War each blooming charm effaced,
And left the glowing vale a bleak, deserted waste.
Is there a land, where halcyon peace has reigned,
From age to age, in glory unprofaned?
Has dwelt serenely in perpetual rest,
“Heaven in her eye,” and mercy in her breast,
Ah, no! from clime to clime, with ruthless train
Has War still ravaged o’er the blasted plain!
His lofty banner to the winds unfurled.
And swept the storm of vengeance o’er the world.


Each distant isle and lonely coast explore,
And bear the olive-branch to every shore.

From The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy

Oh! ne’er again may War, with lightning stroke,
Rend its last honours from the shattered oak!
Long be those works, revered by ages, thine,
To lend one triumph to thy dim decline.

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