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George Chapman: Peace with all her heavenly seed


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war

George Chapman: Men’s want of peace, which was from want of love


George Chapman
From The Tears of Peace

So making peace with God, doth differ far
From clerics that go with God and man to war.


Hate, War, and Massacre; uncrowned
Toil; And Sickness, t’ all the rest the base and
foil, Crept after; and his deadly weight, trod down
Wealth, Beauty, and the glory of a Crown.


Peace made us enter here secure of all;
Where, in a cave that through a rock did eat,
The monster Murther held his impious seat:
A heap of panting harts supported him,
On which he sat gnawing a reeking limb
Of some man newly murther’d.
As he ate, His grave-digg’d brows, like stormy eaves did sweat;
Which, like incensed fens, with mists did smoke;
His hide was rugged as an aged oak
With heathy leprosies; that still he fed
With hot, raw limbs, of men late murthered.
His face was like a meteor, flashing blood;
His head all bristled, like a thorny wood;
His neck cast wrinkles, like a sea enraged;
And in his vast arms was the world engaged
Bathing his hands in every cruel deed…


How her divine Oration did move
For th’ unredeemed loss of Human Love;
Object man’s future state to reason’s eye;
The soul’s infusion, immortality;
And prove her forms firm, that are here impress’d,
How her admired strains wrought on every breast;
And made the woods cast their immanity
Up to the air; that did to cities fly
In fuel for them; and, in clouds of smoke,
Ever hang over them; cannot be spoke;
Nor how to Human Love, to Earth now given,
A lightning stoop’d and ravish’d him to heaven,
And with him Peace with all her heavenly seed:
Whose outward Rapture made me inward bleed;
Nor can I therefore my intention keep,
Since Tears want words and words want tears to weep.

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