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Maurice C. Waugh: A Plea for Peace


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


Maurice C. Waugh
A Plea for Peace

The past decade, so filled with might and greed,
Is but the fruitage of the grown-up seed,
Which all the imps of hell in minds had sown.
So that a false philosophy was known
Whereby some men thought nothing could be right
Except o’ertowered by the power of might.

Through years of struggle, blood, and grief, and pain.
We’ve seen how futile is this greed for gain;
We’ve seen the nations which were known for might
Hurled down and trampled under foot o’er night;
We’ve heard the very universe in doubt
Beseech, “Oh, God, can war be blotted out!”

Once more we face a time when cease it must.
For if we fail in this our sacred trust.
The world will reek and reel with profiteers.
With guns, with ships of war, with death, and tears –
More shame on all the human race, for then
We’ll ne’er have “peace on earth, good will to men.”

So, God, in this our time of greatest need
Help us forget our color, race, or creed.
And all unite in such a glorious plan
That we may know the brotherhood of man.
With strife, and conquest, war, and bloody gore
Unknown on earth henceforth forever more.

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