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Arthur E. Stilwell: The Day of Peace


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


Arthur E. Stilwell
The Day of Peace

I see the coming, dawning day,
The peaceful, restful hour
When the light shall hold all earth
And only love have power.
I hear the voice of angels,
From the distant days of old,
Of peace on earth to man,
To waking shepherds told.

I see all barriers broken
Of race and class and creeds,
And man is only judged
By the kindness of his deeds;
I see all armies melt
As the sword shall lose its power
In the glorious day of Peace –
‘Tis the coming, dawning hour.

Then the sword shall be the ploughshare,
Birds shall mate in cannon’s breast,
When all on earth shall be at peace
And shall finds its longed-for rest;
When the Sermon on the Mount
From the hills of Galilee
Shall sway the thoughts of men
Throughout eternity.

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