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David Garnett: Criminal to welcome war


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

David Garnett: War is the worst of the epidemic diseases which afflict mankind


David Garnett
From Golden Echo (1953)


“One evening, sitting round the fire, we suddenly became serious. Hugh Popham said that he was glad the war had come, and particularly glad we had come into it. I do not know what the others said, but everyone there was in agreement with him.

I remember my reply clearly. I said it was criminal to welcome war; that millions of men would die, millions who had no quarrel with each other and could know nothing of the quarrel in which they lost their lives and all the belligerent countries would suffer ruin, whether they won or lost.

I poured out my views on the futility of war, thinking of Tolstoy and War and Peace. I said we were fighting to preserve the Tsar’s Government in Russia, in an attempt to postpone an inevitable revolution. Suddenly I had said all that was in me and I heard Hugh Popham make some comment in a tone of nausea. But I believed that whatever the impression I produced, in the long run what I had said was true, that I was right and that Hugh and the others were wrong.

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  1. Ljiljana
    September 24, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Times have changed. There are no admitted wars today. Today’s multiple wars are not realized by the great majority of US citizens or openly admitted by many people who are aware. Only a few honorable ones do so at risk of the violation of the Patriot Act. Congress aids and abets. “Defense” is authorized through the National Defense Act and the Authorized Use of Military Force and war funds are appropriated officially and unofficially. Permission to wage “legal” war is not necessary. Fabricated unexamined pretexts will suffice. The mass media parrots dictated lies in pre planned cooperation. Allies and vassals go along as well. Speaking the truth is being made criminal. Meanwhile the actual criminals answer for none of the war making. Human rights of third world citizens in war zones are moot. Justice is moot, a bygone era. Liberty is made a lie and tragedy of while unquestioning flag adoration takes its place. The less informed the better. Better and easier to just enjoy the US standard of living which is supported by so much rapacity and violence and criminality.

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