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“Front Line State”: U.S. Army Europe Commander In Poland

U.S. Army Europe
February 11, 2015

Army Europe commander travels to Poland, meets with MNC-Northeast


SZCZECIN, Poland: Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander, Army Europe, arrived in Poland today to meet with Multi-National Corps-Northeast commander, Maj. Gen. Boguslaw Samol, and the headquarters staff.

The MNC-NE framework nations of Denmark, Germany and Poland recognize the need to change the unit’s mission to adapt to the changing threat in Europe and shift focus on Article 5 protections.

Army Europe is committed to helping MNC-Northeast — be it communications, intelligence, joint fires and effects — as they prepare for exercise Anakonda 16 next year.

About us: U.S. Army Europe is uniquely positioned in its 51 country area of responsibility to advance American strategic interests in Europe and Eurasia. The relationships we build during more than 1,000 theater security cooperation events in more than 40 countries each year lead directly to support for multinational contingency operations around the world, strengthen regional partnerships and enhance global security.

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  1. Ljiljana
    February 13, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    That is quite an “about us” revealing though euphemism peppered. Think of it, the US in “its” 51 country area of responsibility. Empire overreach admission from the horse’s mouth!

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