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Celestial Army Replenished: A Dozen Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Cross Rainbow Bridge To Valhalla

August 13, 2014

Right Sector confirms death of 12 fighters


KYIV: Right Sector spokesman Boryslav Bereza has confirmed the death 12 soldiers.

He wrote this on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

“The celestial army has been replenished by souls of twelve warriors. For us, it is a tragedy. For Ukraine the death of the patriots – it is a disaster. The best sons of the Fatherland are being killed. These bastards like to make a video of our fallen soldiers. For them, it is a fetish. We promise that we will do everything possible to ensure that each of these fetishists get their personal coffin,” he said.

Bereza believes that Ukrainians will defeat Russian mercenaries.

“We will not just take revenge. We will win, and the victory over the enemy horde would be a worthy memorial to all those who died for Ukraine. We will not forget them. We have no right. Eternal glory to the heroes!” he concluded.

A reminder that Right Sector leader Dmytro Yaros wrote on his Facebook page about the terrible casualties among Right Sector soldiers.

Later, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported that the militants shot out a bus with Right Sector soldiers near Donetsk.

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  1. Ljiljana
    August 14, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    Radio Free Europe! (Specializing in objective reporting on liberty.) They’ve been around since at least the 1956 Hungarian Uprising which they participated in. Bullhorn liberty…

    There were fascist western sponsored hooligans, toppling of a Soviet statue, molotovs and a crisis happening in the Middle East at the same time.

    Off topic, but not if we want to figure out how the Warsaw Pact ended, or as Albright recently said “it fell apart.”

  2. Ljiljana
    August 14, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    Why must these Right Sector guys cover their faces?

    Is it to avoid later identification for war crimes?

    Or it is because they are not Ukraine citizens but highly trained forces from some country or another? Wolfangel helps play the part? What is the chain for?

    The jihadists in Syria have a similar look. There it is heavy beards and bandanas with AlNusra text.

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