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Graham Greene: A hundred English Guernicas


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war

Graham Greene: He carried the war in his heart, infecting everything

Graham Greene: Letter On NATO Threat To Cuba

Graham Greene: None of us can hate any more – or love. You have to feel something to stop a war.


Graham Greene
From Bombing Raid (1939)

Graham Greene

[T]his is not the kind of war which entails much walking; it is a sitting war from which it is impossible to run…Once, miles away, little black flies at perhaps 8,000 feet, three fighters patrolled a parallel track and slowly dropped behind: we were unspotted. One felt a momentary horror at the exposure of a whole quiet landscape to machine-gun fire – this was an area for evacuation, of small villages and farms where children’s camps might possibly be built, and it was completely open to the four aircraft which swept undetected from behind the tress and between the hills. There was room for a hundred English Guernicas.

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