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Lithuania: NATO Conducts Global Response Force Interoperability Exercise

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Operation
May 9, 2014



Exercise Steadfast Cobalt 2014 (SFCT) arrives at its Execution Phase, from 12 to 23 May 2014. After months of preparation (the Academic Phase took place in September 2013) the Exercise has entered its crucial stage. This year for the first time, SFCT is set up and conducted under Commander NATO CIS Group’s responsibility.

The purpose of the Exercise is to test CIS interoperability of NRF standby forces for 2015 and it involves deployment of a large number of personnel coming from NATO, Multinational and National elements. The Exercise location will be the compound of the Lithuanian Armed Forces School (LAFS) in Kaunas, Lithuania. While deployed, various technical tests will be conducted to verify and validate the CIS connectivity and interoperability of NATO and National CIS.

NATO Response Force

On 21 May 2014 a Distinguished Visitors Day with the participation of Senior Leaders of both NATO and National Organizations will take place, both to demonstrate NATO CIS capabilities and to present its newest equipment and the latest networking developments.

Story by NATO CIS Group

NATO Response Force

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