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Georgian Defense Chief Meets Hagel, Biden, Congressmen

Ministry of Defence of Georgia
May 8, 2014

Meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defence


Within the working visit to the USA, Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel hosted Georgia’s Minister of Defence Irakli Alasania at Pentagon. At the meeting Defence Ministers discussed U.S.-Georgia bilateral cooperation issues in defence sphere and spoke about future prospects. Secretary Hagel reaffirmed the importance of the U.S. partnership with Georgia, and pledged to continue strong defence cooperation.

At the meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defence, Irakli Alasania overviewed progress in Georgia’s defence transformation. He emphasized on the reforms made in transparency, accountability, NATO BI program, as well as in parliamentary oversight and cooperation with NGOs, procurement transparency and internal audit. Secretary Hagel encouraged Georgia to continue the progress it has made on defense reform and NATO interoperability. He thanked Minister Alasania for Georgia’s contributions to the International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan.

“Meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defence was very productive. We continue dialogue what steps the USA and Georgia should make forward for increasing Georgia’s security and defence capability. I’d like to outline that we have progress in this direction and this meeting once more confirms that strategic partnership in defence and security sphere between Georgia and USA is strengthening” – stated Irakli Alasania following the meeting in Pentagon.


Ministry of Defence of Georgia
May 8, 2014

Minister Alasania meets Vice President Joseph Biden

On April 30, 2014, during Atlantic Council’s Meet and Greet, Minister Alasania met with Vice President of the United States, Hon. Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Irakli Alasania expressed his gratitude to the U.S. Vice President for active support of Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as aspiration to NATO membership. Defence Minister once more underlined the importance of the U.S.-Georgia strategic partnership.

At the meeting the sides discussed the Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s policy in the region. Irakli Alasania highlighted the importance of the unity of the U.S. and EU combined actions for stabilization the existing situation and overcoming challenges in the region. Georgia’s NATO membership was one of the main topics of the discussion at the meeting. The Georgian side once more emphasized the necessity of granting MAP to Georgia and U.S. active support in this respect.

At the meeting the sides talked over the U.S.-Georgia bilateral cooperation issues as well. The U.S. Vice President underlined the essential progress Georgia has achieved in defence reforming process. He also thanked the Georgian side for the contribution to NATO-led ISAF mission. The sides referred to the ongoing democratic process in Georgia as well.


Ministry of Defence of Georgia
May 8, 2014

Congressmen support Georgia`s NATO integration

The delegation of Ministry of Defence of Georgia continues meetings in the U.S. Congress. Minister of Defence Irakli Alasania held meetings with the members of the Senate and House Committees on Foreign Affairs and Defence Policy.

Irakli Alasania informed the hostess of Georgia`s defence transformation. The sides also discussed the issues of deeper cooperation in defence area.

The congressmen and senators expressed a full support of Georgia`s NATO aspirations. As Minister outlined, the members of the Congress will continue working in the U.S. executive authorities in terms of Georgia`s integration into the North-Atlantic Alliance.

‘We have met with the senators and congressmen who are in charge of foreign and defence policy issues in Congress. They have an influence on defence and foreign policymakers too. They regard Georgia as a reliable partner of the United States. The senators and congressmen have also pledged to work vigorously with the White House and Department of State in order to promote Georgia`s progress towards NATO membership. It is also clear that there is a consensus over the enhancement of Georgia`s defence capabilities. These meeting will be translated into concrete resolutions and supporting statements. But what is important, they will work with their executive organs to achieve the goals set with regard to Georgia”, said Irakli Aalsania.

Ambassador of Georgia to the United States Archil Gegeshidze outlined that the senators and congressmen of the House of Representatives express a firm support towards Georgia`s welfare and security. At the meeting, Deputy Minister of Defence of Georgia Mikheil Darchiashvili and Deputy Chief of General Staff of GAF COL Vladimer Chachibaia attended the meetings.

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