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NATO Holds “Parade Of Nations” Outside U.S. Headquarters

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Transformation

April 28, 2014

Great Turnout at Norfolk NATO Festival!
Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Hendrick Dickson


Thousands of people gathered in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, and Town Point Park for the 61st Parade of Nations and the 2014 Norfolk NATO Fest hosted by NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the City of Norfolk April 26.

The Norfolk NATO Festival, the longest, continuously running festival in the Hampton Roads region, celebrates the international influence ACT brings to the region. NATO ACT is the only NATO headquarters in North America and the only permanent command located outside of Europe. It is home to more than 750 staff members from various NATO nations.

…The morning began with the parade which featured floats representing all 28 nations, local and visiting high school bands, U.S. and international military bands and various other attractions.

After the parade, the attention moved to Town Point Park where the visitors could meet NATO representatives and visit the NATO Village, 28 tents symbolising every NATO member nation. The festival also featured cultural performances, visual art displays, international merchandise and cuisine and other events highlighting the international tradition of NATO nations.


“This is all about NATO being better understood by the great people of the United States of America,” said ACT Chief of Staff British Army Lieutenant General Phil Jones. “That’s why it is so thrilling to see us reaching out into the community. Not just the Norfolk community, but to all the other states, as far as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and others just to allow people to get an understanding of NATO.”



North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Transformation

April 26, 2014

NATO ACT Kicks Off Norfolk NATO Festival Weekend with Flag Raising Ceremony
Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Hendrick Dickson


The patriotic sounds of the U.S. Fleet Forces band reverberated through the rafters at the Scope Arena as NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) kicked off the 2014 Norfolk NATO Festival with a flag raising ceremony honouring all 28 NATO Nations in Norfolk, Virginia, April 25.

Norfolk NATO Festival Weekend annually recognises and celebrates the contributions ACT and its more than 750 staff members bring to the Hampton Roads area. ACT is not just the only NATO headquarters located in the United States, it is the only permanent headquarters located outside of Europe.

NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) French Air Force General Jean-Paul Paloméros hosted the flag raising ceremony, which guests included Headquarters SACT’s Military Member of the Year and NATO Festival Ambassador Canadian Army Sergeant James Bartley, the Mayor of Norfolk the Honourable Paul Fraim, Norfolk NATO Festival Chairman Mal Branch and Lieutenant Governor of Virginia the Honourable Ralph Northam.

“We see this ceremony, above all, as a magnificent symbol of our collective commitment to our shared values,” said General Paloméros. “This is a tribute to the brave men and women from all our allied nations who, as we speak, are serving in Afghanistan, in Kosovo, off the Horn of Africa and elsewhere around the globe…

This year’s festival events also pay homage to Vietnam veterans and their families. During his remarks, General Paloméros gave special praise to not just Vietnam veterans, but all who have sacrificed…

“Veterans are part of the Alliance military family,” said General Paloméros. “We owe to our veterans a great tribute for their contribution to defend our countries, protect our freedom and democracy and our common values, through these two World Wars in Europe and many other conflicts that have shaped our common history.”


“Here in Norfolk, veterans and active duty military feel at home,” he added. “They feel the common endeavour and the great solidarity that are key for the future of our unique Alliance. It is our common responsibility that they will feel this unity reflected in the Norfolk NATO Festival, the tattoo, the parade, the ceremony and other associated events that we have enjoyed for many years.”

The Flag Raising Ceremony was followed by the Virginia International Tattoo at the Scope arena which featured an international cast of over 800 from military bands and drill teams, dancers and choirs. The Norfolk NATO Festival continues April 26, with the 61th Annual Parade of Nations in Downtown Norfolk and NATOFest 2013 at Town Pointe Park. Both events free and open to the public.


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