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NATO To Hold War Game In Czech Republic

Czech News Agency
April 14, 2014

NATO Ample Strike 2014 to be held in Czech Republic

Namest nad Oslavou, South Moravia: About 600 Czech and 300 foreign soldiers will take part in the Ample Strike 2014 (AMSE14) military exercise in the first half of September, exercise spokeswoman Magdalena Dvorakova told CTK Friday.

They will use about 30 helicopters and aircraft at the bases in Namest nad Oslavou and Caslav, central Bohemia, the military training grounds Boletice, south Bohemia, and Libava, north Moravia, and the Bechyne garrison, south Bohemia, Dvorakova said.

The exercise is to harmonise the training of forward air controllers who find the ground targets for the air force with aircraft and helicopter crews, she added.

The war games will follow up the similar international exercises Flying Rhino and Ramstein Rover held in the Czech Republic in the past years.

“The exercises were always commanded by NATO and British bodies. As the Czech Republic has proven well as a host country, the Ample Strike will be held for the first time fully under the Czech military’s auspices,” Dvorakova said.

The exercise will include soldiers from ten other NATO members: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Britain and the USA. It will be held from September 3-15.

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  1. rosemerry
    April 14, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Flying Rhino and Ramstein Rover!!!!

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