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Interview: Ukraine Junta May Spark Civil War

Press TV
April 14, 2014

Ukraine junta may spark civil war: Analyst


Press TV has conducted an interview with Rick Rozoff, from the Center for Research on Globalization, to get his views on the crisis in Ukraine.

Below is a rush transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Now, looking at the words used by [ousted Ukrainian President] Viktor Yanukovych, he noted that the CIA is involved in what is taking place in Ukraine right now as far as the crackdown on pro-Russia protesters go. What do you make of the role the CIA may be playing in Ukraine?

Rozoff: The deposed president of Ukraine, still the standing president legally, Viktor Yanukovych, made the accusation that the US CIA director, John Brennan, had given authorization to the junta, there is no more proper term for it, in Kiev to avoid not only armed force, but the military of Ukraine, in many ways trained by the United States and its NATO allies against peaceful civilian protesters in the east of the country.

An accusation was made today by a member of parliament, formerly of the Party of Regions, that is the ruling party of Viktor Yanukovych, and presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev, that an entire floor of the state security building of the government in Kiev is occupied by US intelligence officers and that it’s off limits even to Ukrainian personnel. This should not surprise us. This is the degree to which the West, the US in the first place, has engineered the bloody coup d’etat in Kiev and is now engineering what Yanukovych himself said is a civil war in his country, and this again is the use of all-out military force, not security personnel, not even riot police but military personnel against peaceful protesters in eastern Ukraine.

This signals bloodshed, has already resulted in deaths in Slavyansk and other cities in the east and Russia has called for convoking a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to discuss what it truly looks like. Again, in the words of Viktor Yanukovych, entering the door of civil war.

Press TV: The interim government or the Junta, as you have called it in Kiev, has given a deadline of Monday morning to these pro-Russia protesters and that it will carry out large-scale counter-terrorism operations against these protesters. How do you see this planning out? More bloodshed on the streets of eastern and southern Ukraine?

Rozoff: I should sincerely clearly hope that the regime, the US-installed junta in Kiev, does not go through with that ultimatum. If it does and if it deploys more military forces and shoots down more peaceful protesters under the name – yet to make this even more diabolical – counter- or anti-terrorist operations, what you’re going to see is the eruption of full-scale civil war in Ukraine.

As it’s going to be occurring in the east of the country, that’s right on Russia’s border, that’s precisely what the United States’ intention is to do, which is to embroil Russia into an armed conflict in Europe and maybe to issue the US final play for global military domination by provoking confrontation between the two world’s two major powerss. Nothing less dramatic than that is at hand.

Press TV: And very quickly if you can Mr. Rozoff, we’re running out of time. How do you see the UNSC doing in this emergency meeting, which is to take place, as far as averting any potential disaster?

Rozoff: I wish I could say that the United Nations served any purpose other than being used by the United States as it chooses to and being ignored by the United States when it chooses to ignore it. So I don’t expect anything substantive to come out of the meeting of the United Nations Security Council itself, but I think Russia will succeed in sounding the alarm internationally, so the rest of the world understands the gravity, the severity of the situation obtaining in eastern Ukraine and throughout Ukraine right now, because this is something fully comparable with what the US engineered in Syria and currently in Venezuela. It’s an attempt to destabilize and plunge into bloody violence yet another country and it has to be stopped, because if it doesn’t stop here it will continue to spread to other nations.

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  1. John Dublanica
    April 14, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    What a lot of hogwash.


    • richardrozoff
      April 15, 2014 at 7:43 am

      Let me update you: The Kiev junta has incited a civil war.
      Perhaps you, of all inhabitants of the planet, know a better expression for armed violence occurring within a nation?


  2. Ljiljana
    April 15, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    The CIA denial was whether Brennan was in Ukraine. That became implausible so the CIA denial was changed to being unrelated to the Kiev unconstitutional government ultimatum/announcement of military crackdown on Eastern Ukraine cities. “CIA director was in Kiev as part of a trip to Europe. Senior level visits of intelligence officials are a standard means of fostering mutually beneficial security cooperation…” Carney April 14.

    Does CIA involvement in military crackdown on dissenting civilians have any precedent? Besides the example given of Syria and Venezuela there is Operation Oluja in the former Yugoslavia and Operation Phoenix (Vietnam version). Oluja (Storm) was the 1995 Croatian military attack on civilians planned for at least five years, involving US based ex military MPRI and other US military involvement such as signals and UAV’s. The operation was to quash opposition to unconstitutional secession resulting in death and mass exodus of civilians. Oluja was given a green light to proceed by the United States.

    An eerie parallel with the “two Krajina’s” is that the indigenous civilians of Krajina with a 500 year historical presence were referred to in mass media as “Serbian occupiers”. So now in eastern UKrajina the ethnic Russian civilians are referred to in mass media as “Russofiles” and every east Ukraine citizen democratic action is attributed to Russia. Blame Serbia – Blame Russia! as if the actual people affected had no will of their own. Western media readers are dumb as rocks and the controlled media is counting on it! Operation Phoenix in Vietnam caused thousands of civilian deaths. Every American should know the truth about such sinister operations as I am only beginning to.

    CIA operations on civilians are nothing new. These days the plausible deniability is implausible.


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