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NATO Leaders, Think Tank Elites Plan Future Operations Against Ukraine Backdrop

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Transformation

April 9, 2014

Transformation Seminar Charts Path to Summit


More than 250 NATO military and civilian leaders along with important partners in Think-Tanks met in Paris, France, April 8-9 for the 2014 NATO Transformation Seminar (NTS) hosted by SACT.

The NTS is a core event within SACT’s strategic engagement campaign and serves as a precursor for leaders to inform and progress the dialogue leading up to the NATO Summit in Wales in September.

The two days included several plenary discussions and group breakout sessions that covered topics such as; The Future of Operations: a Post-Afghanistan Refocus on NATO Core missions, Addressing Military Requirements, Capability Challenges in the 21st Century, The Future of the Transatlantic Link, NATO in the 21st Century: How to Adapt NATO to Face Multiple and Complex Challenges.

In line with expectations, the current crisis in Ukraine also drove much of the discussion – as it remains a major concern for the entire Alliance. During his closing remarks, SACT said the situation further proved the importance of the Nations’ willingness to work together and continue to build bonds.

“…Ukraine didn’t overshadow the conference,” said SACT. “Ukraine highlighted the conference. Ukraine highlighted the need for a strong commitment as well as solidarity in what we should do to face this crisis. It highlighted as well the need for us to deliver on the major initiatives [that] we have enhanced.”

SACT thanked all the leaders for their contributions to the conversations and said that their input was invaluable as Allied Command Transformation continues to forge the future of the Alliance.

“The most important outcome of what we did is really – from my perspective – the individual takeaway,” said SACT. “And my own takeaway is that after the seminar, I feel much stronger – much stronger as far as our collective confidence in pushing forward the transformation of our Alliance and taking on the challenges of today.”


Day One – NATO begins Two-day Transformation Seminar


The annual NATO Transformation Seminar began today at the Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel in Paris, France, with keynote speeches from SACT, the SECGEN and the Defence Minister of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

More than 250 invitees among them NATO military leaders and ambassadors (PERMREPS) and important partners in Think-Tanks and defence managers are attending this two-day event hosted by SACT to support preparations for the upcoming NATO Summit. Particularly, the seminar is designed to identify steps for NATO’s transformation, continue the ongoing assessment of capabilities and risks, develop NATO initiatives, discuss the impact of the current crisis in Ukraine and address other top issues.

Speaking about current events that are of major concern for NATO, SACT said that nations must continue to commit to “transforming” the Alliance to help take on these challenges successfully.

“While a crisis develops at the eastern edges of our Alliance and at the crucial time of transition in Afghanistan, more than ever we have to prepare for NATO’s future,” SACT said. “I’m convinced that current events can only encourage us further to continue with the transformation of our military toolbox, continue to adapt our capabilities, improve our interoperability and our ability to react.”

SECGEN told the attendees that the situation in Ukraine “raises serious questions on Euro-Atlantic security” and that “now was the time for the right answer”.

“…and let me put forward three answers that I see are key for our Wales Summit in September,” SECGEN said: “We must prepare a readiness action plan, we must reinvest in our defence and we must reinforce the transatlantic bond.”

Over the next two days, the leaders attending the seminar will concentrate their efforts on these issues and more, as broader discussions at the NATO Summit in Wales are just five months away.

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  1. rosemerry
    April 10, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Let us transmogrify NATO into a peaceful organisation,and the power suits into humanitarian beings.

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