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Montenegro: New NATO Outpost On The Adriatic

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
March 25, 2014

NATO Secretary General encourages Montenegro to maintain reform momentum

The Prime Minister of Montenegro visits NATO

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen described Montenegro as an important partner for the Alliance and welcomed the significant progress made in the reform process. Mr Fogh Rasmussen on Tuesday (25 March 2014) held talks with Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, who also met with the North Atlantic Council to discuss the progress in Montenegro’s reform agenda.

The Secretary General thanked the Prime Minister for his country’s contribution to NATO’s mission in Afghanistan and for the positive role Montenegro plays in the Western Balkans. Commending the good progress made by Montenegro in implementing reforms, he said the momentum of implementing reforms will be key to the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration. “Continuing this hard work is the best way to bring Montenegro into NATO and the European Union,” said the Secretary General.

The Secretary General said Montenegro’s Membership Action Plan had identified key challenges that will need to be addressed, including reinforcing the rule of law, fighting corruption and organised crime and finding the resources to modernise the country’s armed forces. He also noted that more could be done to explain the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration to the public. Mr. Fogh Rasmussen stressed that Montenegro could count on the Alliance’s support. “NATO’s commitment to the Western Balkans is strong,” he said. “We see your future in the Euro-Atlantic family and we are determined to help you get there.”

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