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Mediterranean Dialogue: Jordanian Military Being Further NATOized

North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Allied Command Operations

March 14, 2014

JFC Naples Team train NCOs from Jordan


The JFC Naples Joint Mobile Training Team (JMTT) recently completed a mission to Amman, Jordan from March 2-6, 2014. During this mission they trained 30 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers from the Jordanian Special Forces and the top members of their mechanized and infantry divisions. This was Naples’ first mission of 2014—which directly supports one of the Joint Force Command’s key tasks of engaging with partners. The main mission of the team is to travel into Non-NATO countries and introduce a different kind of training to their armed forces.

The JMTT team travelled to Al Zarqa Base near Amman and facilitated classroom based leadership training. The training material covered various NCO development and leadership topics; including ethics, communication and counselling. The JMTT training material doesn’t include any country specific doctrine and is a based on the NATO School and SWISS NCO School leadership course.

The ranking member on the mission, Sergeant Major Felix Donoso stated, “The mission to Jordan was a really great experience. We met some very experienced and professional SNCO’s. The hospitality and professionalism we encountered in Jordan was truly amazing.”

The team conducted the training session at the new NCO training facility at Al Zarqa base. The base is currently in the transition of converting the school commandant from an officer to Sergeant Major position. The JMTT team helped bring this vision closer to reality as their class was the first to be officially graduated by the Jordanian Sergeant Major of the Army.

The school Commandant stated, “These lessons provide our NCO’s with a valuable multi-national perspective. We really appreciate the professional efforts put forth from this NATO team and we are looking forward to our future relations with NATO.”

The team successfully delivered the training content, but more importantly they established relationships and shared ideas with other SNCOs from a valuable partner country. Overall, the Naples JMTT team graduated 30 Jordanian SNCOs and fulfilled the motto of the JMTT program: “We train our own!”

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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