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Russian Combat Planes Redeploy To Emergency Airfields In West

February 27, 2014

1) Russia’s western combat aviation to redeploy to emergency airfields
2) Ukraine to see presence of Russian military outside area stipulated by agreement as aggression – acting president
3) Crimean parliament dismisses autonomous republic’s government


February 27, 2014

Russia’s western combat aviation to redeploy to emergency airfields

MOSCOW: Western Military District (WMD) aviation wings have begun redeployment to emergency airfields as part of sudden checks being held at the behest of the Russian Armed Forces Commander-in-chief, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Advanced groups of aviation specialists flew military transport aircraft to designated airfields where they conducted an overnight inspection of the runways. In addition, military transport aircraft delivered specialist ground-based equipment designed for full support of combat aircraft flights from unequipped airfields,” the ministry said in a press release obtained by Interfax-AVN on Thursday.

“On February 27, after receiving reports from advance group seniors on the readiness of emergency airfields to receive the aircraft, the First Command of the Air Force and Air Defense began redeploying combat aircraft,” the statement said.



February 27, 2014

Ukraine to see presence of Russian military outside area stipulated by agreement as aggression – acting president

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Chairman and interim President Oleksandr Turchynov is calling on the Russian Black Sea Fleet servicemen stationed in Crimea not to leave the boundaries of their base determined by the relevant Ukrainian-Russian agreements.

“I am addressing the Russian Black Sea Fleet command with a demand: all military servicemen should stay within the boundaries of the territories stipulated by the agreement. Any movement of military servicemen with weapons outside this territory will be viewed as military aggression,” Turchynov said while speaking at the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday.

Turchynov also warned that “Ukrainian enemies should not try to destabilize the situation, should not encroach on our independence, sovereignty, and territory.”

He called for “immediately starting to form a government that would be obliged to ensure security of Ukrainians and restore law and order.”

The Verkhovna Rada’s session on Thursday will continue until a new government is confirmed, he said.

“Ukraine will be able to defend its independence, sovereignty, and the inviolability of its territory,” he said.

Turchynov announced also that he had issued instructions that all possible measures be taken to protect people in Crimea and unblock the buildings seized in Simferopol.

“All necessary measures must be taken to protect citizens, punish those guilty of seizures in line with the law, and unblock the building. I am calling on all Ukrainians to stay calm, and on patriots to defend administrative buildings from instigators and extremists. Any attempts to seize administrative buildings will be viewed as a crime against the Ukrainian state,” Turchynov said at a plenary parliamentary session on Thursday.



February 27, 2014

Crimean parliament dismisses autonomous republic’s government

At an extraordinary plenary session on Thursday, the Supreme Council of Crimea passed a motion of no confidence in the Council of Ministers of Crimea and terminated its powers, a spokesperson for the secretariat of the Crimean parliament Olha Sulnikova has said.

According to her, this decision was supported by 55 of the 64 members of the Crimean parliament.

According to the adopted resolution, the Supreme Council of Crimea declared the work of the Council of Ministers of Crimea in 2013 unsatisfactory and therefore passed a motion of no-confidence in the Crimean government.

Under the same decision, the Crimean parliament terminated the powers of the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

In addition, the parliament dismissed Anatoliy Mohyliov as the chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers pursuant to Article 136 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The document takes effect on the day on which it is passed.

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    February 27, 2014 at 11:51 am

    I fell like Edward R. Murrow- Calling from the USA -STOP NATO. As expected there is now a developing anti-Russian sentiment as in the Cold war I . Why just this morning just the mention of my Russian sounding name seems to elicit quite some emotions in the USA. As of this moment this Ukraine crisis and Crimea crisis have turned into a crisis for all Russians worldwide as in the Cold war I. As I am also Jewish I really am a black sheep now in the USA. Did you know that during the Cold War I some of my fellow Russian Jews changed their last name to KAY like the actor. What a joke , as all knew in my High School that Kay was Kaminsky. So they called him a ‘COMMIE’ anyway and like me as a star track man I could not get elected to the UHS Letterman’s Club. That year I won the track person of the year and broke all records. Now Mr. Rozoff- please tell ALL in Russia that it seems that this Ukraine and Crimea crisis has morphed into a new Cold war II and ALL eyes are on my kin in Russia and the Ukraine. Really it seems that the new power structure in the Ukraine has some Russian issues and Jewish issues. So all eyes are on me in the USA and Russia. Somehow this Cold war II seems different than the last. But the more things change the more they stay the same. I will not change my name to Kay as many actors did. I am a proud Russian and Jew with Ukraine roots for over 500 years that was the cradle of Russia. The new and very young Ukraine leadership seem somehow afraid of Mother Russia. I feel that Russia must act quickly or ALL RUSSIAN WORLDWIDE like me will suffer BIG TIME. It is happening now as expected. I can see the expressions in my neighbors face as I walk around. So in a way Russia should act to protect ALL Russians and maybe even Jewish Russians who actually started the State of Israel in the Russian Diaspora as Prime Minister Ben Gurion was a proud Russian. I imagine like me even some Russian Jews in Israel are feeling the Ukrainian heat. So in a way stabilizing the Ukraine is a Russian peace keeping mission world wide for us Russians. Just some thoughts calling from ‘LONDON-USA-THE BLITZ-‘ Read between the lines Mr. Rozoff and you can see the 4 letter words F-E-A-R AND H-E-L-P . This will defend-Captain Kamansky

  2. Kathleen
    March 2, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Turchynov is not the “interim president”. He and anything he says are just propaganda. References to him or his statements are in the same category. What a charade. The parliament is not valid either if it no longer represents all of Ukraine. Who is the legal successor president?

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