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Russia: Rice Should Worry About U.S.’s Military Interventions

February 24, 2014

Russia’s FM source: Susan Rice had better advise US, not Russia

MOSCOW: Russia has declared that the US president’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, would better counsel the White House, not Russia, a Russian Foreign Ministry source told Itar-Tass on Monday in a comment on Rice’s statement that Russia’s intervention in Ukraine “would be a grave mistake”.

“We have brought to notice Susan Rice’s expert estimates based on repeated introduction of US forces in different parts of the world, especially where, according to the US administration, values of Western democracy are endangered or where the incumbents get out of hand too obviously,” said the source.

“We hope it is such advice on the wrongs of using force that the current national security adviser will give the US authorities if they decide on another intervention.”

Asked on broadcaster NBC on Sunday whether the US was concerned that Russia may bring its troops to Ukraine, Rice said “it’s not in the interest of Ukraine or of Russia or of Europe or of the United States to see a country split. It’s in nobody’s interests to see violence return and the situation escalate.”

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    February 24, 2014 at 7:47 am

    I apologize -again- for what seems another f-bomb by another would be USA’ lady’ Ambassador as she ‘advises’ Russia in foreign policy. This behavior seems a chain of errors and threats. I am an old Cold war I soldier and I was a soldier at the times of President Nixon and Kissinger and President Breshnev . These true great leaders seem in another league as the big league. My God is my Nation bringing out not the A-TEAM but the F team throwing F Bombs? I am so embarrassed! I can just imagine Ambassador Rice telling President Breshnev ‘THE RUSSIAN BEAR’ how to conduct Russian foreign policy. I can only imagine in horror Ambassador Rice telling Stali how to conduct foreign policy ! No- as my grandfather David Kamansky would say – Stalin lived up to his name he said to me as a child . It was STEEL. And I guess STEEL trumps Rice . I am Cold war I weary and feel this Cold war II and the chess match being played is unlike Cold war I in my Nation. It seems Rice and ALL are playing a simple game of checkers. I know that Russians as I consider myself a Russian play a more complex game of chess! It seems my Nation as you describe our behavior is on a different page of music than Russia. I would like to tell Ambassador Rice of the nature of Russia and Russians but alas she would not listen. Winning Cold war I against the toughest foe on earth Russia was NOT easy. I guess she does not understand the Russian mind set . She will sadly soon! This could be a BIG error in this Ukraine and Crimea confrontation. I am America Frst but my Nation could finish 2nd in this new Cold war II !Sholom, Captain Kamansky

    February 24, 2014 at 9:00 am

    I have just received a comment from others in these matters so stated above. The comments talk about our President completely understanding our new world order. Then the comment that they worry that President Putin may NOT understand or they hope he understands the new world order. Then the comment that the Ukraine and the Crimea can be shared in this new world order. These comments were directed at Russia and Russians worldwide like me. I do not believe these comment are correct and I WITH RESPET STRONGLY DISAGREE !!! First ,President Putin who in many issues I disagree was correct to call President Obama as a partner in solving this mess. No worry here as President Putin’s CREDENTIALS are BIG LEAGUE. He is a TEAM player and a Cold war I veteran as myself with ALL the experience as a soldier as necessary in these matters. Then we read about a shared Ukraine and Crimea. Really would anyone like to share his wife I told her? I have head about these ‘ shared’ arrangements during my era and frankly they are pie in the sky in love and in geopolitics and unrealistic now as then in the1960s. How about we share Mexico and Canada and South America ? My wife and Army spouse of 43 years just had some comment in these’ shared’ matters but I cannot repeat these comments as they are not repeatable . There are ladies and gentlemen who may read my comments! Share what honey? Forget that arrangement as a no go from day 1! History in this region shows ‘shared’ GREEK and Roman and other unworkable ‘shared’ arrangements! Only time will tell if history and herstory repeats itself in my Ukraine and Crimea and Russia. I am not by my nature a betting person and do not do so even in Las Vegas. But I will take a Russian Ukrainian Jewish Cossack American calculated risk in these matters. There are roots that go back centuries with genetics; and there is the matter of the Russian Black Sea Fleet that as an Army CAPTAIN October of 1973 our U.S. Army was aware of! This comment also said the Cold war is over in contradiction to President Putin’s thoughts as he like myself is a Cold war I soldier who’s mind set was forged in the crucible of Cold war I ! I have heard so many current ‘shared’ arrangements comments from non Cold war I soldiers as is the case in these comments. I just hope that this commenter is correct and that human nature has somehow changed. But I want to tell all that my 43 year Army spouse’s opinion of shared arrangements in marriage and geopolitics HAS NOT CHANGED! Good luck world in these tragic matters in the Ukraine and the Crimea. We love you all. Dr. and Mrs. Kamansky

  3. Peter
    February 24, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    Of course this imperialists pig does not want to see the country split, why? Could it have something to do with Ukraine’s major prize, is in the east where the majority of Russias interests lie.

  4. AR
    February 25, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Susan Lice is quickly being just as bloodthirsty as Hitlery Clinton before her. Who said that Demorats are the “peace party.” They are just as aggressive as the rest of the American political establishment.

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